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Greenfields a Fifa Preferred Producer

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Fifa Recommended

The high standards set and enforced by the FIFA Preferred Producer Concept will subsequently provide consumers with a guarantee that turf produced and installed by FIFA Preferred Producers is of the highest standard and meets consumer requirements. GreenFields as a FIFA Preferred Producer therefore extend their services further than the traditional supplier/installer relationship by continually improving the quality of their product. They will be required to be both a manufacturer of Football Turf who is an established FIFA Quality Concept Licensee, and possess the additional expertise in civil engineering and project management necessary to support all elements required from inception to completion.

FIFA Preferred Producer

FIFA Recommended

The FIFA standards for sports turf systems are designed to ensure that a consistent world class standard of surface is available internationally. These surfaces must require a minimum amount of maintenance, yet be available for the development of players’ skills all year round. Through research, testing, the development of innovative products as well as training and strategic partner relationships, GreenFields® provides you with surfaces able to meet these stringent standards at the project inception and in the long term.

FIFA recommended 1 star

The FIFA Recommended 1 Star is mainly for recreational, community and municipal use; however, it still has to go through a series of stringent tests before the highly respected FIFA certificate is issued.

FIFA recommended 1 star installations

FIFA recommended 2 star

The FIFA Recommended 2 Star for artificial turf is designed specifically to mirror the playing characteristics of professional football. FIFA final round competitions and top UEFA competitions have the FIFA Recommended 2 Star in their respective competition regulations.

FIFA recommended 2 star installations

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