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FIH Certified Hockey Fields

by GreenFields

FIH hockey fields

GreenFields are an FIH (International Hockey Federation) approved synthetic turf manufacturer. Synthetic hockey fields are available to meet FIH Global classification or FIH National classification. An FIH approved hockey field provides a professional quality playing surface suitable for competition matches.

FIH Global hockey fields are required for international competitions including: Olympic Games; World Cups; Junior World Cups; Champions’ Trophies and FIH World Cup Qualifying Tournaments. Some national tournaments also require an FIH Global certified pitch. Hockey fields with an FIH National classification are satisfactory for most other tournaments.

GreenFields ensure that all synthetic hockey fields are installed to the highest standards. The quality of a hockey field is measured by its performance in the areas of safety, drainage and playing characteristics such as hockey ball behaviour. These standards are explained fully in the publication entitled “FIH Handbook of Performance Requirements for Synthetic Turf Hockey Pitches”.

Synthetic Hockey Fields

Your team can benefit from a world class hockey field with synthetic grass. GreenFields provide a full hockey turf system, which includes construction and installation services through to project completion. Many professional teams, amateur teams, schools and sports centres are already enjoying the benefits of a synthetic hockey field.

Synthetic turf has been an essential part of the game since the seventies as it provides a durable, fast and responsive surface. There have since been significant improvements in modern hockey turf systems due to research of synthetic turf fibres and shock absorption properties. For new installations or an upgrade of your existing pitch, you can enjoy top flight hockey in the modern game with a GreenFields synthetic hockey field.

GreenFields FIH Certified Hockey Turf:

GreenFields hockey turf systems are certified to FIH standards. Click on the product to download the FIH certificate

FIH Global Certified Hockey Turf (unfilled):

FIH National Certified Hockey Turf (dressed):

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