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Sports Turf

GreenFields sports turf systems

Artificial turf provides a high performance sports playing surface. Several sport’s governing bodies including the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), International Hockey Federation (FIH) and the International Rugby Federation (IRB) promote the use of quality artificial turf for professional match play.

For many teams around the world, artificial turf is often the preferred solution. GreenFields offer a sports turf system for most major sport disciplines. Popular applications for sports turf include football pitches, rugby pitches, hockey fields, baseball fields, lawn tennis courts and bowling greens. 

Benefits of Sports Turf

There are many benefits to GreenFields sports turf. In addition to high performance and safety benefits, sports turf can also meet requirements that are otherwise unreachable with a natural grass sports field. The installation of a full size sports field will typically require generous financing, expensive maintenance and a favourable climate. Conversely, a GreenFields sports turf system can be installed in any climate and reduce maintenance costs.

Climate conditions in some countries can adversely affect the viability of sports field construction. This potential problem is overcome with sports turf which can be laid in arid environments unsuitable for natural grass or where there are water restrictions. A consistent quality playing surface is possible throughout the entire season with sports turf.

The upkeep of a sports field can be expensive due to professional grounds keeping requirements. Grounds keeping involves the time consuming tasks of mowing, aeration, reseeding and fertilising. Furthermore, only a limited number of fixtures can be played on a natural grass sports field each season before it wears out and becomes unfit for use. Sports turf provides the solution by enduring limitless hours of play without wearing out. Maintenance costs can therefore be significantly reduced with sports turf. GreenFields offer a complete solution to keep your sports turf system in optimum condition.

Every sports field construction project is unique and so are your requirements. Call GreenFields today to discuss the sports turf system that is right for you and your team players.